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Read what our clients have to say about us!

"You are such an amazing, gifted talent!  We were so fortunate to have found you, thank you for helping us create the Gardens we've always wanted." 
Brenda C.- Orlando

"Our architects son stopped by the other day-- who happens to be a "landscape architect".  He spent a lot of time walking through the gardens and taking notes on all the work you've done.  After his walk he said, "Wow- she really knew what she was doing, great job"  Lisa D. - Longwood

"I couldn't have the Gardens I have without you, your knowledge, and your work ethic.  Thank you for Everything!"  David W. Orlando

"You are more than a landscaper or a gardener-- you are our Gardenmother!"  Dr.Raji S., Apopka

"I just wanted to say, thank you.  We love our side yard.  I just can't believe it has continuously flowered since you planted it. The red jewel salvia is flowering again on its second generation!  The passion flower have really attracted the butterflies.  the glory bushes are beautiful with its vibrant flowers.  You have transformed my yard!" Tom K., Longwood

"Words cannot express how thankful we are to have had yet another amazing opportunity to work with you & utilize your expertise and talents.  
We consistently receive a stream of "thank you's" & "It looks great" from the teachers, staff, parents, & students at Sabal Point.  That all goes to you!  Literally; we could not & would not have done it without you!"  Sabal Point Elementary Beautification Committee

"It's only been 1 month since you installed our gardens, and everyday I am amazed how it looks better.  There are more blooms today, than the day before.  #lovemygardens! "  Daniel T. Orlando

My love for the outdoors and quest to do more goes way beyond the creation of Eden. I have always had a love and respect for all things that grow, and knew from an early age that the majority of my life would take place outdoors. With Eden, the education my staff and I have received and the many amazing clients we have met over the years, I am excited to say that I am doing my hearts work; I will design, plant, and maintain gardens until I physically cannot do it anymore. Our story is also featured in Joel Osteen’s NY Times bestselling book “It’s Your Time” and “It’s Your Time Journal”, which in all respects explains our beginnings and how we got where we are today.

I have aligned myself with some of the best growers in the state of Florida, mentors who have been in the business for far longer than I; working with them, asking tough questions, and learning as much as I can each step of the way. My staff and I continue to take classes in horticulture, design, and maintenance—understanding the importance of the right amount of light, water, and fertilizer. To me; our education is the basis for each success story.

Florida Landscapes are ever changing; especially in Central Florida’s sometimes difficult growing conditions. Understanding all of the factors involved in a successful landscape; planting “The Right Plant in the Right Place”, creating a landscape plan where each plant has a purpose, finding and creating its best growing conditions…. all those unique little changes leads to amazing results.

I welcome your comments, questions & concerns—estimates and consults are always free.

Enjoy your time in the Gardens of Eden

Amber Corson



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